Why is Healthguard Better?

When your pet has a bacterial infection or ringworm, your not left with many choices. There are injections you can get from your Veterinarian that can cost upwards to $300-$400 dollars, and have been known to cause liver problems. As an alternative, you can buy our antibacterial / ringworm treatment products that are safer and more cost effective.

Family giving dog a bath. Any product/ingredient  that is classified as a fungicide / Quaternary ammonium  compound / or Chlorine Dioxide, are more likely to cause allergic reactions, seizures, upper respiratory problems, etc. We are classified as a antibacterial product which is much milder/safer to use. Antibacterial products are great against cross contamination, upper respiratory, and hot spots on animals. We are classified as a antibacterial because of the wide range of activity against Gram positive and Grand negative bacterial. Most importantly, we are active against fungi/ringworm associated only with animals, not tree’s. The test result prove that and at very low PPM.  Being mild with great results is a good thing.
Family giving dog a bath.
Animals have a much smaller upper respiratory track systems than humans. Take into account a animal show hall can be 200 to 300 animals at a time, a product like ours is a great benefit because of the wide range of activity against bacterial  infection or prevention of cross contamination, or ringworm.

Not to say, fungicide / quats/ Chlorine Dioxide do not work, just very dangerous to the animal and the person. Our 20 years of successful results speaks for itself. Clorox which is highly corrosive will kill ringworm, but without residual. we have a residual and NOT corrosive, this is why our laundry additive is our best seller.

NOBODY, except us have a set of antibacterial / ringworm treatment  products that treat all possibilities. WE can treat the animal, environment, and people with residual activity because ringworm starts out as a spore and repeats this process over and over. That is why it is highly contagious and is hard to get rid of. See some of our combo packages that include multiple products for complete treatments.

A lot of skin problems, hot spots,  smelly coats, excess shedding, itching are due to bacteria infections.  Animals can re-contaminate themself, if you do not treat it everywhere, such as bedding. Our shampoo removes the bacteria/fungi and leaves the fur silky, baby smooth skin to the touch, and follicle protection against blow dyers.  The healthiest  products to treat your pet.

Show people will use the products for show / prevention, and the hot spot treatment for a fast kill.  If a show animal gets ill, sometimes his/her show career maybe over, with lose of money. Animals have a short period of show time.

This is a great line of products for  groomers. A lot of groomers don’t realize they can use our product as a up grade to their customers, giving their pets the healthiest condition with clean skin and fur, and preventing cross contamination.  Horse people use our products in the same manor. Horses are usually easier to treat than small animals.