Dear Dari,

Thank-you sooooooo much for guiding me through this horribly stressful time of my 6 cats getting ringworm. Your information and product helped me immensely.



I tried a ringwom product from my veterinarian with no luck at all and it even got worse.

When I used the Healthguard products, I saw an immediate improvement in their conditions.

Every time I used the Healthguard Shampoo, my animals ringworm showed a great increase in healing. I wish I would have used the shampoo every week instead of every 3-4 weeks. The Healthguard Spot treatment worked great for the ringworm spot areas and the Healthguard medicated spray really helped to prevent further infection overall. I wish I would have known about these products sooner and if anyone else needs help with ringworm, please have them contact me as a satisfied user of your product. Thank-you so much for

your wonderful product and guidance.

DeAnna from Thornton, Colorado


“I’ve used Health Guard for at least 7 years or more and don’t know how I got along without it before. I use it in my wash especially when I have some upper respiratory in the house and when I have new born kittens. It gives me a safer feeling knowing that the beds and rugs have been disinfected and won’t pass on any germs or bacteria from the other cats that have used them before.


I also used it to rid my house and cattery of fungus. I was going crazy trying to use chlorox, smelly lime dips that my ex vet wanted me to use. Dari suggested that I use Health Guard fungus kit and fog my house with the Health Guard liquid. I used an internal medication also and I cleared it up in about 6 weeks time. That is great because the 1st time I brought it home from a show it took me a year before it was under control. If Health Guard had been available then, I would have saved a lot of money and all my hard work scrubbing everything in sight for a whole year.”


Barbara Collins

J Bar Cattery


“I have learned that not one product is perfect but I do use Health Guard to bathe my cats after returning from shows. I can depend on Health Guard, it’s formula is consistent and I rely on that.”


Linda Osburn

Arrow Exotics, Manx & an occasional Japanese Bobtail to make me laugh.


“I had an outbreak of ringworm in 12 cats and 38 kittens. What a disaster. I spoke to Dawn at Revival and she told me about Health Guard Laundry Additive among other products that were effective and easy to use.”


Thank you!

Sandra L



“I wash all my cats – from pets to show – with Health Guard Shampoo. Not only does it keep the cats free of ringworm, it’s a great shampoo. I use it as a first shampooing as a de-greaser, then other shampoos on the show cats. The rest of the kitties get a second lathering with Health Guard. I once had an Exotic with “black chin” which I cleared up by scrubbing his chin with Health Guard shampoo. I applied it with a soft toothbrush to really get the area clean. It was gone in three treatments! And, I use the Laundry Additive in all my laundry – both people and cat. ”

Donna Andrews

Kyetrak Cattery



“I would like to comment that I am a Persian breeder. 5 years ago shortly after starting my program I got a ringworm problem. Properly treating medically easily cured my cats, however I attribute not reinfecting to the use of your product.


I mixed a couple teaspoons in a water bottle, and misted any fabric furniture, mattresses, box springs etc. I added to the steam cleaner and used as a shampoo. I wiped down hard surfaces just using a bucket of water and a couple squirts of laundry additive. Knowing this product has residual against fungus I did not scrub the house top to bottom every day like I hear most breeders say they do (and still get rebreaks) I did it once a month for 3 months to be sure the house and the cats were completely clear. 5 years later, we never saw a sign of fungus again, new litters did not break. Now I consistently use your product as a preventative, have written a ringworm article which is on my website. I have received a good number of calls and emails thanking me for the advice and telling me long term ringworm problems were cleared up easily when combining cleaning the home with health guard and properly medicating cats internally. ”