About Healthguard Products

Health Guard Products was developed through the desire to help all animals control or heal problem skin, specifically ringworm treatment.

Dari was a cat breeder (Persians), plus worked in the pet supply industry for 32 combined years and realized there was nothing on the market that really helped our beloved animals with this problem.

Ringworm Treatment for CatsBeing a cat breeder and a person who showed her cats, we had the opportunity to have the best place to test our products. Many of our products took over two years to bring out on the market place. Each product was tested on cats, dogs and small animals. The results went far beyond what we could of ever hoped for. So by word of mouth, Health Guard started its life. Today 10 years later , Health Guard Products are being used across the USA, Canada, and in Europe. Our products provide the best ringworm treatment for pets on the market. We still are a small company that a animal lover can trust. If more information is needed about Health Guard, Bob Weber is always available to answer your questions. No question is too small for this family-owned business.

Zoie (dog), Shadow, Catie, Briggs, Willie, Rapper, CC, Dawn, Baby (cats) Orange Boy, Twiller and Buddy (birds) say, “Call Mom and Dad, we are really healthy and we want our friends to be too”.