5 Benefits of using Healthguard Products on your Pet

5 Benefits of using Healthguard Products on your Pet

Like most owners of fur babies you want the best for your pet- certainly enough to research the best high quality grooming products and cost effective treatments for Ringworm. If Ringworm is a problem for you then you definitely want to look up this family run, friendly business that love pets. Ten years ago company founder (and Persian cat breeder) Dari realised their were no specific ringworm treatments on the market and set out to create some and remedy the problem. As a result we can all benefit from the wonderful, animal friendly products that they now provide.

What are the five top benefits of using Healthguard Quality Grooming Products?

  • Ringworm is a nasty fungal infection whose spores live in the skin of animals, in the dirt and in the right environment it can survive for years unchecked. Worse, ringworm is contagious to humans and will survive in the stable or home even after the pet has been successfully treated. Healthguard provide a range of high quality ringworm treatments not only for your pet but also for its environs. Laundry additive and disinfectants, shampoos and conditioners, hand sanitisers and prevention methods can all be found on their website.
  • They offer a unique Blacklight Infection Detection System that can provide you with the security of knowing for certain whether or not your pet has Ringworm. It will also let you see if the spores are active in your home. Simply spray the suspect area with the treatment spray and then shine the Blacklight Infection Detection System torch on the area. It will glow if there is an infection or remaining spores.
  • They offer a medicated spray- for if your dog or cat (like mine) won’t sit still long enough for you to treat the sores. A spray (rather than a cream) is less likely to rest on the surface of the skin and therefore your pet will be less likely to lick it off after the application.
  • They offer a Dry Shampoo- so you don’t even need to utter the word ‘Bath’. Simply spray the shampoo on your pet and allow the treatment to do the work for you!
  • Their treatment plans are cost effective- but still of the highest quality. This is a company who treats animals from love, not from their bank balance. All of the products are priced with that in mind. The treatments are also harmless to animals, naturally!

So if you’re pet cat, dog or even horse is suffering get them help! Treat them to some high quality grooming products that will take away their pain and treat Ringworm at its source. Invest in Health Guard animal shampoos and conditioners to spare your fur baby any further suffering. Remember not to stop treating too early and, if you are still unsure, buy the Blacklight Infection Detection System and eliminate the fungal spores safely and completely, and for your own piece of mind.


  • Reviewed and Written by Adam Scott (writer and pet owner and user of Healthguard products)